What is Sustainable Asphalt?
We are committed to develop new solutions and systems to benefit our clients, community and the planet.

Motivated by today’s ever-growing need for sustainability, our Sustainable Asphalt is just the first step in our ongoing effort to improve asphalt management standards.

When you choose Sustainable Asphalt, you receive a long-term tailored solution, specific to your property’s paving needs.

Our asphalt paving experts are committed in formulating a sustainable solution to ensure that your property receives the precise amounts of material to prolong the life of your repairs and installations.

Extending the lifespan of your asphalt eliminates unnecessary expenditures caused by temporary fixes while raising the return on your investment.

Temporary or misdiagnosed solutions heighten the chance for repeat repair visits exhausting environmental, human and monetary resources.

By switching to Sustainable Asphalt you become a part of the solution.

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Thinking and acting green

NPC’s Sustainable Asphalt Program (SAP)

As green corporate citizens, we recognize our responsibility to lead in the development of restorative solutions to diminish our environmental footprint.

SAP is an evolving plan and promise to pioneer sustainable solutions to promote the well being of our loved ones and the environment.

Our goal with SAP is to seek the best practices to improve energy efficiency, reduce the spread of wasteful emissions and fuel consumption, provide opportunities for carbon off-setting and drive awareness locally and nationally.

SAP’s Commitments:

Offer tailored Sustainable Asphalt solutions for our client’s asphalt paving needs

Innovate the best green practices in the paving-construction marketplace

Positively impact relationships with our clients, the public and the community

Improve standards and internal policy in the interest of the environment

Align with local to national carbon off-setting organizations to plant trees, volunteer time, equipment and services to forests in need

Motivate our employees to make a difference in our community

Team with non-profit organizations to heighten awareness

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